Welcome to the new AzNate's Roads website!

This is my new website for all my roadgeek related content. Originally, this was the Arizonan Roadways Goofs & Fails site, but I wanted to expand into more roadgeek stuff, which that name wouldn't be very accurate for. Also, the name was bad.

What happened to the old Goofs & Fails?

All of the old goofs & fails content are still here! Take a look in the goofs & fails dropdown menu at the top.

South Mountain Freeway

By now, this is somewhat old news. However, if you are interested, I have a YouTube video showcasing a drive on the South Mountain extension of the Loop 202! You can check it out here:

My Travels

In case anyone is interested, you can view my travels on some other cool sites!
mob-rule.com: Counties that I've been to in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and British Isles.
Travel Mapping: Highways that I've been on throughout most of the world.


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