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Welcome to the AzNate's Roads website!

This is my website for all my roadgeek related content. Originally, this was the Arizonan Roadways Goofs & Fails site, but I wanted to expand into more roadgeek stuff, which that name wouldn't be very accurate for. Also, the name was bad.

What happened to the old Goofs & Fails?

All of the old goofs & fails content are still here! Take a look in the goofs & fails dropdown menu at the top.

About Me & This Site

I am AzNate (Nathan) and have been interested in roads and its related infrastructure pretty much since I was born. I am also quite interested in technology, more specifically computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. (If you're interested in that too, you can visit my tech website.) This interest kind of led to an interest in coding and thus eventually I ended up creating this website! My main inspirations for this website were Arizona Roads and Alps' Roads. The origins of AzNate's Roads can be found above but now, the purpose of this site is kind of a mess, but it's mostly a place where I document Arizona highways and show off pictures that I've taken in many different forms. This is a hobbyist site and is not affiliated with any company or agency. Often updates to the site aren't always guaranteed, they're mostly just done whenever I feel like it unless it's something extremely important.

My Travels

In case anyone is interested, you can view my travels on some other cool sites! is a website that allows people to document what counties they've visited in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the British Isles. Travel Mapping is a website that allows people to document what highways they've been on throughout most of the world.


Want to contribute something to, suggest something, or report an issue about the site? Or need to contact me for other reasons? There are two ways that you can do so. Choose whichever you prefer!

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