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License Plate Generator

Welcome to my license plate generator! This was inspired by the ACME License Maker page and in similar fashion to Arizona Roads, it hasn't been updated in a long time, so I want to continue it on my website. There are a few other license plate generators that can be found online, but I don't think any of them provide as much selection as I intend to provide here.
Want to suggest a license plate that should be added to the generator? Fill out the contact form linked below.


  1. Select a location from the left dropdown menu.
  2. Enter in the text you want on the plate.
  3. Press generate! (Or the enter key if you prefer)
  4. You now have the default plate for that location! Some plates have many additional options to fully complete the plate or different plate styles or types. The right-most dropdown menu has various type options for any eligible location. Any locations with additional customization options will provide additional textboxes or dropdown menus. Enjoy generating!

License Plate Generator v. 1.2.2 - November 9, 2022

Known Bugs

I am a novice at JavaScript, so there will most likely be bugs with this generator. Please report any issues that you find that haven't already been acknowledged in this list to

Credit & Resources

Page last updated: 10/29/2022