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Special Goofs & Fails

This page is for documenting interesting, odd, or otherwise wack signs in other places. If you would like to contribute an image, fill out this form or send an email to


I10W/Airport Mesa

Interstate 10 W @ Airport Mesa Dr - Blythe, CA

Ominous flashing yellow lights without any signage. What am I being warned about???


Interstate 215 S @ Interstate 15 S - Murrieta, CA

Is the traffic really that bad to require a warning sign about it?


CA 55 N @ Interstate 5 S - Tustin, CA

Okay CalTrans... why are we mounting exit tabs to the right of the signs instead of on top?

CA91E/W of Weir Canyon

CA 91 E west of Weir Canyon Rd - Anaheim, CA

"Year of completion: 2020" ... this picture was taken in 2021.

I10E/W of CA111S

Interstate 10 E west of CA 111 S - Whitewater, CA

Well, I can't not add the "Other Desert Cities" sign. This sign is featured on the Arizona Roads website here. Even in 2021, we can see that CalTrans still insists on referring to cities eastward as "Other Desert Cities." Also, nice, the exit number for CA 111 is 111.

I10E Slow Trucks

Interstate 10 E northeast of Thermal, CA

Nice sign there CalTrans.


Interstate 10 E @ Defrain Blvd - Blythe, CA

Another sign in totally wonderful condition.

I10E/Agriculture Inspection Station ADOT I10E/Agriculture Inspection Station CT

Interstate 10 E @ Agriculture Inspection Station - Blythe, CA

So... we originally had an ADOT sign on wooden posts in California. CalTrans however, has decided to replace it with their own sign. I'm not sure which I like better, but both are interesting.


US93BUSN/Nevada US93BUSN/Industrial US93BUSN/Boulder City

US 93 Business N from Nevada Way to Boulder City Parkway - Boulder City, NV

NDOT seems to have a bit of trouble when referring to US 93 Business. The signs that just say US 93 are understandable because the signs were likely not replaced when US 93 Business was officially designated after US 93 was moved onto I-11. However, where did US 93 Truck come from???

I515N/S of Auto Show

Interstate 515 N south of Auto Show Drive - Henderson, NV

That lane is not an exit only lane.


Interstate 15 S @ Flamingo Road - Las Vegas, NV

The signs got replaced, but the anti-graffiti shielding did not.

Las Vegas/I215

Las Vegas Blvd @ Interstate 215 - Enterprise, NV

These county route signs seem to have gone through some rough times. Not only is the sign quite damaged, but also faded as it used to be blue and yellow. Not blue and white.


Lamb Blvd (NV 610) @ Craig Rd (NV 573) - Sunrise Manor, NV

You should not stretch text like this.


Lamb Blvd @ Interstate 15 - Sunrise Manor, NV

This construction signage is horrible.

I15N/Lower Flat Top

Interstate 15 N @ Lower Flat Top Dr southwest of Mesquite, NV

Interstate 15 is definitely not a business loop of itself, so its shield should not be green.

I515S/Casino Center

Interstate 515 S @ Casino Center Boulevard - Las Vegas, NV

This is only sign that informs you of Exit 75A (other than advance mileage signs)... and it's right over the exit ramp.


Interstate 515 N @ Mesquite Avenue - Las Vegas, NV

Those arrows seem to be upside down.

I215E/Gilespie I215E/NV171

Interstate 215 E west of McCarran Airport Connector (NV 171) - Enterprise, NV

Who is in charge of maintaining these signs??

New Mexico

US64E Safety Corridor 1 US64E Safety Corridor 2 US64E Safety Corridor 3

US 64 E safety corridor - around Farmington, NM

NMDOT seems to be unable to choose one color to use for safety corridor signage.


US 64 E @ US 64 Business - Farmington, NM


Scott/US64 Scott/US64

Scott Avenue @ US 64 - Farmington, NM

Those should not be green. Also, more Clearview.


US 64 E @ San Juan County Route 5500 - Farmington, NM

NMDOT really likes green apparently.


US 64 E @ US 550 - Farmington, NM

This sign is definitely in need of replacement.

I25S/San Antonio

Interstate 25 S @ San Antonio Drive/Ellison Road - Albuquerque, NM

There is one exit only lane here, not two.

I25N Height Sign 1 I25N Height Sign 2

Interstate 25 N @ NM 22 & Budagher Boulevard - Algodones & Budaghers, NM

These signs should not be blue or white.

I25S W of Waldo Canyon

Interstate 25 N, west of Waldo Canyon Road - New Mexico

What in the world is this NMDOT?

I25S S of NM599

Interstate 25 N, south of NM 599 - La Cienega, NM

I didn't realize NMDOT actually used Clearview.


Interstate 25 N @ Cerrillos Road exit - Santa Fe, NM

Again, what?

I40W Driveways

Interstate 40 W near Mile 136, west of Albuquerque, NM

This one was featured on the Arizona Roads Wrong Way page. Interstates are supposed to be fully grade separated, however since it's quite expensive to build a whole interchange and frontage roads for these driveways, this is one solution. NMDOT has signed these as "temporary" for over 20 years.

I40W E of NM400

Interstate 40 W, east of NM 400 - Wingate, NM

The shield for NM 400 has gone missing it seems.


Interstate 40 W @ Miyamura Dr - Gallup, NM

It appears NMDOT tried to squish the "Blvd" text to be the same width as the text above. I don't think it looks as good as they intended it to.

I40W E of Arizona

Interstate 40 W, east of the Arizona state line

This ADOT sign in New Mexico looks a bit weird. There used to be an Arizona welcome center here, although it appears to have closed, so the "Welcome Ctr" text was removed.

US180W S of Cloudt

US 180 W, south of Cloudt Rd - Alma, NM

This 23 ft wide plaque does not look up to standard.


US 180 W @ NM 12 - Rancho Grande Estates, NM

NMDOT really likes using leftover left/right arrow plaques as straight arrows. Also, these signs look very old.

US180W N of NM12 US180W/Stewart

US 180 W, north of NM 12 & at Stewart Ln - Rancho Grande Estates & Luna, NM

Sure, this segment of US 180 in New Mexico does travel in a mostly north/south direction, but it's still very much east/west overall.


I15N N of Brigham

Interstate 15 N north of Brigham Road - Saint George, UT

The sign isn't wrong, the arrows are just kind of weird to make sure that people don't think they should get off at Dixie Drive for Bluff Street I guess.

I15N S of 700S

Interstate 15 N south of 700 South Street - Saint George, UT


I15N S of Green Spring

Interstate 15 N south of Green Spring Drive - Saint George, UT

This sign must be old.


River Road south of Riverside Drive - Saint George, UT

That arrow should be blue and white, not white and black.


US 191 N @ US 163 - Bluff, UT



UT 162 E @ UT 262 - Montezuma Creek, UT

As can be seen on the route shield in the background, this should be Utah, not US 162.

Page last updated: 10/7/2022