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Goofs & Fails Page 6: 3/10/2022 to 6/29/2022


AZ 89A N Frontage Road east of AZ 89 - Prescott

This is not how you sign an exit only lane.

AZ89AN W of Glassford Hill

AZ 89A N west of Glassford Hill Road - Prescott Valley

I hope Prescott Valley is at fault for this and not ADOT.

AZ89AN/Glassford Hill

AZ 89A N @ Glassford Hill Road exit - Prescott Valley

Quite a bit of empty space at the bottom of this sign.

US93N N of AZ89

US 93 N north of AZ 89 northwest of Wickenburg

CalTrans seems to have influenced the incorrect design of this shield for AZ 71.


AZ 24 W north of AZ Loop 202 - Mesa

I feel like this could've been signed better considering the middle lane goes to both directions of Loop 202.

Galleria S of Frye

Galleria Way south of Frye Road - Chandler



US 60 E @ Montesa Way - Gold Canyon

No services for you.

AZ85N/Lewis Prison AZ85N/Lewis Prison

AZ 85 N south of Lewis Prison Rd - Buckeye

These signs are definitely not up to standard.

Peoria/67th Ave

Peoria Avenue east of 67th Avenue - Glendale

This sign assembly just looks really funny. Also, nice font for the 67th Ave sign.
Submitted by: Voxials


Indian Route 6 N @ Indian Route 15 - Indian Wells

This sign needs to be replaced.

Page last updated: 6/29/2022