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AZ 181 Shield

AZ 181

State Route 181 provides access to the Chiricahua National Monument from US 191 and AZ 186.

Length: 26.8 miles
Existed since: 1970
Current Route: US 191 near Sunizona to Chiricahua National Monument
Major Junctions: US 191, AZ 186

Cool Features

SR 181 has a sign informing drivers that the highway ends in 2 miles for some reason.

Historic US 80
10/9/2021 - SR 181 ends in 2 miles sign.

The Chiricahua National Monument is known for being a "Wonderland of Rocks".

Historic US 80
10/9/2021 - A view from Massai Point in Chiricahua National Monument.


Page last updated: 2/18/2022