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AZ 73 Shield

AZ 73

State Route 73 is like a half-loop through the Ft. Apache Indian Reservation. It runs from US 60 in Carrizo to AZ 260 at Indian Pine. SR 73 used to be longer, but AZ 260 cut it off from Indian Pine to Springerville and south of Ft. Apache it became Indian Route 9.

Length: 47 miles
Existed since: 1927
Current Route: US 60/AZ 77 in Carrizo to AZ 260 at Indian Pine
Historical Route: San Carlos to Springerville
Major Junctions: US 60, AZ 77, AZ 260

Cool Features

SR 73 is designated the Whiteriver Scenic Road.

Whiteriver Scenic Road sign
11/26/2022 - Whiteriver Scenic Road sign on SR 73.


Page last updated: 11/26/2022