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US 89A

US 89A has quite an interesting history. When US 89 used to run all the way to Mexico, there was a different segment of 89A. This was the southern segment which went from Prescott to Flagstaff. It is now AZ 89A. The northern segment is the current segment of the highway that runs from US 89 in Bitter Springs, AZ to US 89 in Kanab, UT. This segment was originally mainline US 89.

Length: 92 miles in total, 89 miles in Arizona
Existed since: 1960
Current Route in Arizona: US 89 in Bitter Springs to Utah state line near Kanab, UT
Historical Route in Arizona: US 89 in Bitter Springs to Utah state line near Kanab, UT and US 89 near Prescott to Flagstaff
Current Route Nationally: Bitter Springs, AZ to Kanab, UT
Major Junctions: US 89, AZ 67, AZ 389

Cool Features

US 89A originally went over the Colorado River on the 1928 Navajo Bridge. A new bridge was opened in 1995, but people can still walk on the old bridge.

Navajo Bridges
10/6/2023 - View of the old and new bridges next to each other.

US 89A is designated the Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road. The highway boasts many scenic views as it travels from Fredonia, up to the forests around Jacob Lake, to the views of the Vermillion Cliffs from House Rock Valley.

House Rock Valley Overlook
10/6/2023 - View from the House Rock Valley Overlook along US 89A.

In Utah, US 89A used to be signed as UT 11, however in 2008 the US 89A designation was restored in Utah.

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