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Goofs & Fails Page 1: 1/13/2017-6/27/2019


AZ Loop 101 S @ Broadway Road - Tempe

This one doesn't actually exist in 2019 when I'm making this, but it wasn't documented on AZRoads, so I decided to include it here. This sign is supposed to have "EXIT ONLY" attached to the bottom of it, because, well, it's an exit only lane, duh. As of some time around the summer of 2017, this has been fixed.

Val Vista/Main

Main Street @ Val Vista Drive - Mesa

So... What exactly does "r" stand for? "Val Vista r" Nice one. What happened to the D in Dr? I honestly don't know.


Broadway Road @ Stapley Drive - Mesa

It seems that we're being yelled at with this "DR." Normal signs would say "Dr," but no, Stapley has to be really indicative about the "DR."

Val Vista/Covina

Covina Street @ Val Vista Drive - Mesa

Whoever made these signs messed up... why are these even posted. ("these" refers to the fact that there are multiple signs like this (which are slowly being replaced))

Country Club/US60W Country Club/US60E

Country Club Drive (AZ-87) @ US-60 - Mesa

Left: There's a lot of space on this sign... I wonder why this sign is so empty on the bottom.

Right: This sign looks a bit better.

US60WOff/Country Club US60EOff/Country Club

US-60 Off-ramps @ Country Club Drive (AZ-87) - Mesa

Left: This sign's text is a bit unaligned...

Right: This sign looks more proper. (and newer)

I10E/W of 40th St

Interstate 10 E West of 40th Street - Phoenix

Those SR-143 and US-60 shield numbers are thinning...?

AZ303S/I10 Interchange

AZ Loop 303 S @ Interstate 10 Interchange - Goodyear

I think we can all see the problem in the I-10 exit sign. (Hint: I-10's "West" should look like the "SOUTH" on the Loop 303 sign.)


US-60 E @ McClintock Drive - Tempe

That Loop 101 shield doesn't use the right font... Nice job.

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