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Goofs & Fails Page 2: 6/28/2019-8/16/2021

I10E/SR143 Exit

Interstate 10 E @ SR-143 Exit - Phoenix

The Interstate 10 shield is having fun in the sun... oh wait, it's fading.

Country Club/AZ202

Country Club Drive (AZ-87) @ AZ Loop 202 - Mesa

I wonder what that east/west route that is... Oh right, it's Loop 202! These signs are still the old brown version of the Loop 202 sign and they've certainly faded. This has since been fixed as of sometime in 2020.


Interstate 10 E @ AZ Loop 202 Exit - Phoenix

This exit sign is indicating that all 3 lanes must go to the Loop 202. The only problem is that only the right 2 lanes are exit only. The left lane can go exit to the 202 or stay on I-10.


AZ Loop 202 @ Guadalupe Road - Mesa

Seems like someone can't make up their mind here. "Globe" starts with uppercase letters but ends in lowercase letters. Also, the US-60 shield is not centered on the sign.


AZ Loop 101 @ Elliot Road - Chandler

These are some new signs that ADOT put up on the newly upgraded Loop 101. However, despite there being enough space on the sides of the signs, they put one sign on top of another!

Orange Grove/Camino de la Tierra

Orange Grove Road @ Camino de la Tierra - Tucson

Down in Tucson for this image. It seems that ADOT has reused a left/right arrow for a straight arrow here.


Price Road south of AZ Loop 202 - Chandler

I am very interested to know why this sign went up... I don't think I need to explain much here.


Hunt Highway east of Thompson Road - Queen Creek

Someone must not like bends as this sign has somehow ended up facing away from drivers.


Power Road @ US-60 E - Mesa

This is a nice button copy sign, however it's probably getting a bit old as the yellow for the exit only has completely faded to white.


Pima Road @ Thomas Road - Scottsdale

This is another nice button copy sign, but someone forgot to put an arrow at the bottom of the sign because last time I checked, Pima Road is not a freeway.

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