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Goofs & Fails Page 3: 8/16/2021-10/7/2021

AZ195E/8th Ave

Cesar Chavez Boulevard @ 8th Avenue - San Luis

Okay, who mounted this sign upside down...

I10E/W of Cortaro

Interstate 10 E west of Cortaro Road - Marana

Usually, these park and ride signs are green, but I guess someone wanted this one to be blue.

I10E/Starr Pass/22nd St

Interstate 10 E @ Starr Pass Boulevard/22nd Street - Tucson

So... the black signals are likely from ADOT, while the old yellow signals are from Tucson. Not sure what's going on there, but it has ended up creating this interesting group of signals.

22nd St/11th Ave

22nd Street @ 11th Avenue - Tucson

Neat, a night speed limit sign. However, I have some questions. Why are there warning flags at the top? Also, is that Arial?

22nd St/Kino

22nd Street @ Kino Parkway - Tucson


I10W/Starr Pass/22nd St

Interstate 10 W @ Starr Pass Boulevard/22nd Street - Tucson

No arrows are needed here apparently.

Indian Bend Path/El Dorado Park

Indian Bend Path in El Dorado Park - Scottsdale

This isn't quite how Clearview should be used...


Interstate 8 E @ Interstate 10 - Casa Grande

So uh, there's no exit only lane here...


Interstate 40 W @ Historic US 66 - Flagstaff

Historic US 6? Looks like the second 6 in "66" has gone missing from this sign.


Interstate 10 E @ Ray Rd - Phoenix

Since this is an active construction zone, ADOT has removed or covered up the arrows on all the signage as the lanes can shift a lot during construction. Anyways, the lack of arrows makes this sign look odd.

Page last updated: 5/16/2022