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Goofs & Fails Page 8: 9/28/2022 to 10/29/2022

4th St/Lincoln

4th St @ Lincoln St - Phoenix

Last time I checked, I-10 is an east/west route, not a north/south route.

US60E/3rd St

US 60 E @ 3rd St - Globe

At first thought, it may seem like these traffic signal visors are way too short; however, that's no mistake, since that's just how close this old traffic signal is to the roadway.


US 60 E @ AZ 77/US 70 - Globe

Looks like someone forgot to put the state name on these route shields. Luckily, the state outline makes the signs recognizable anyways.

US70E/5th Ave

US 70 E @ 5th Ave - Safford

I just find this combination of street signs funny. ADOT decided to add a shiny, new & large sign for Safford's 5th St, but also left the old & small US 70 sign up, instead of replacing it.


US 70 E @ US 191

Something seems to be missing here. Hmm, maybe something like a reassurance sign for US 70.

AZ273N N of Mile 393

AZ 273 N, north of Mile 393

I don't believe the SR 260 junction is a place of recreation, so this sign should be green, not brown.


AZ 260 W @ AZ 73 - Indian Pine/Hon Dah

Putting the text "SR" before a State Route shield seems a bit redundant.


Stanford Dr (Apache CR 8235) @ AZ 61

I think mounting a double-sided sign like this defeats the purpose of it being double-sided.

56th St N of AZ101

56th St, north of AZ Loop 101 - Phoenix

Nice inverted route shields.

56th St/AZ101

56th St @ AZ Loop 101 - Phoenix

Don't know which direction you're going? Don't worry, neither does this sign.

Page last updated: 10/29/2022