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AZ 80 Shield

AZ 80

State Route 80 is similar to SR 66 as they are both routes of their original US counterparts. SR 80 is part of the old route of US 80.

Length: 120 miles
Existed since: 1989
Current Route: I-10 Business Loop in Benson to New Mexico state line near Rodeo, NM
Historical Route: Part of US 80
Major Junctions: AZ 82, AZ 90, AZ 92, US 191, NM 80

Cool Features

SR 80 passes through many historic sites, towns, and structures. Some notable historic towns are Tombstone and Bisbee.

Bisbee Main Street
3/17/2023 - View of Bisbee's Main Street.
Tombstone Allen Street
3/18/2023 - View of Tombstone's Allen Street.

Old US 80's original route was on Allen Street through Tombstone and this intersection before it was rerouted one block north to Fremont Street to avoid the historic district around 1963.

Old US 80 in Tombstone
Old US 80 in Tombstone
Old Route 80 sign in Tombstone
3/18/2023 - Old US 80 intersection in Tombstone.

The historic Mule Pass Tunnel was built in 1958 for State Route 80.

Mule Pass Tunnel
3/17/2023 - Mule Pass Tunnel on SR 80.

The Lavender Pit is located along State Route 80 and there is a very nice view of the pit from the highway.

Lavender Pit
3/17/2023 - View of Lavender Pit.

The oldest roundabout in the state is located at the intersection of SR 80 and SR 92. According to the Arizona Roads website, this traffic circle was likely built in the late 1940s.

SR 80/SR 92 Roundabout
3/17/2023 - Approaching the SR 80/SR 92 roundabout.

The historic Gadsden Hotel, opened in 1907, is located in Douglas.

Gadsden Hotel
3/17/2023 - Gadsden Hotel in Douglas.

The monument to Geronimo's surrender is located on SR 80 near the New Mexico state line.

Monument to Geronimo's surrender
Placard on the Monument to Geronimo's surrender
3/17/2023 - Geronimo's surrender monument.


Page last updated: 3/18/2023