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Goofs & Fails Page 7: 6/29/2022 to 9/17/2022

AZ264E/IR15S AZ264E/US191S

AZ 264 E @ US 191 @ Indian Route 15 - Burnside

Nice inverted route shields ADOT.


US 191 N @ Indian Route 102 - Chinle

There appears to be a US 191 route shield missing to go along with these arrows.

I40W W of US191

Interstate 40 W, west of US 191 S - Sanders

US 191 does not go west, but rather north here.

AZ377 Mile 16

AZ 377 S near Mile 16

That's not the right font for that.

Northern W of Dysart

Northern Pkwy E, west of Dysart Rd - Glendale

Interesting that City of El Mirage is specified here, instead of just El Mirage.

Northern E of Reems Northern E of Sarival Northern E of AZ303

Northern Pkwy W, east of Reems Rd, Sarival Rd, & Loop 303 - Glendale

Okay Maricopa County, why are two of the Loop 303 junction advance signage two separate signs, while the one before Sarival Avenue is just one sign? Why are the numbers for Loop 303 so squished in the 2 mile advance signs? And finally, why does this one exit sign for Sarival Avenue not have an exit number attached?


Northern Pkwy W @ Loop 303 - Glendale

Typically, these arrows should be pointing upwards instead of downwards, at least in Arizona.


Plaza Pl @ Globe Dr - Goodyear

Putting up proper signage for this roundabout appears to be a challenge for the city of Goodyear.

Buckeye/E of 16th St

Buckeye Rd, east of 16th St - Phoenix

This is a surprisingly official sign for a parking lot entrance. Although, I don't think this type of sign is supposed to be yellow.

Sunset Point/I-17

Sunset Point access road @ I-17

I, too, truly enjoy visiting the rest are.

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