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AZ 303 Shield

Loop 303

State Route 303 is the third of the 3 highways that "loop" around the Phoenix area. The Loop 303 is the only loop that is currently signed as north/south for its entire length. Loop 303 is the newest loop, and because of that, it's also the shortest. There are two upcoming construction projects on Loop 303. In Fall 2022, construction is expected to start on an additional lane between Lake Pleasant Pkwy and I-17 and new interchanges for 67th, 51st, 43rd Avenues, and I-17. In 2024, construction is expected to start on a new extension of Loop 303 from Van Buren St, south of I-10 to Elwood St.

Length: 35.3 miles
Existed since: 1991
Current Route: Van Buren St in Goodyear to I-17 in Phoenix
Future Route: Elwood St in Goodyear to I-17 in Phoenix
Proposed Route: AZ 30 in Goodyear to I-17 in Phoenix
Major Junctions: I-10, US 60, I-17

Cool Features

The Loop 303 is fully designated as the Bob Stump Memorial Parkway.

Colored AZ 303 ShieldAll of the loop highways were originally signed with uniquely colored route shields; the 303's being an inverted standard shield. However, due to the Loop 202's brown shield being very vulnerable to fading, and that it was seemingly hard for contractors to get the colored signage correct in general, the colored shields were phased out. It is unlikely that there are many old Loop 303 shields still out in the wild since it was upgraded to a proper freeway.

Last Colored Loop 303 Shield
9/10/2022 - Likely the last remaining inverted Loop 303 shields on Vistancia Blvd in Peoria. These signs are also interesting because they display "To" Loop 303 instead of displaying the direction.


Exit List

Northbound Exits
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Southbound Exits
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101 Elwood St
102 Yuma Road Yuma Road
103 Van Buren St
McDowell Rd
Van Buren St
McDowell Rd
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
105 Thomas Rd
McDowell Rd
Van Buren St
106 Indian School Rd Indian School Rd
107 Camelback Rd Camelback Rd
108 Bethany Home Rd Bethany Home Rd
109 Glendale Ave Glendale Ave
110A Northern Ave
Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
110B Northern Pkwy Northern Pkwy
Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
112 Peoria Ave Peoria Ave
113 Cactus Rd Cactus Rd
114 Waddell Rd Waddell Rd
115 Greenway Rd Greenway Rd
116 Bell Rd Bell Rd
Grand Ave

Grand Ave
123 El Mirage Rd El Mirage Rd
125 Happy Valley Pkwy
Vistancia Blvd
Happy Valley Pkwy
Vistancia Blvd
126 Jomax Parkway Jomax Parkway
127 Lone Mtn Parkway Lone Mtn Parkway
131 Lake Pleasant Parkway Lake Pleasant Parkway
133 67th Ave 67th Ave
135 51st Ave 51st Ave
136 43rd Ave 43rd Ave
138 Sonoran Desert Dr

Page last updated: 9/10/2022