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AZ 89A

State Route 89A runs from Prescott to Flagstaff. It runs through Jerome, Cottonwood, and Sedona. SR 89A was originally SR 79 in 1927. In 1941 the route became US 89A until finally becoming SR 89A in 1993.

Length: 83.9 miles
Existed since: 1993
Current Route: AZ 89 in Prescott to I-40 Business Loop in Flagstaff
Major Junctions: AZ 89, AZ 260, AZ 179, I-17, I-40

Cool Features

SR 89A goes through many mountainous parts, with many scenic views. This means long trucks are banned along most its route.

SR 89A OCC View
10/5/2021 - View of Oak Creek Canyon and SR 89A from a Scenic Viewpoint.
SR 89A Scenic View
6/1/2023 - Scenic view along SR 89A near Jerome.

SR 89A, between Flagstaff and Sedona is known as the Sedona Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road.

SR 89A Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road
10/5/2021 - Signage for the Sedona Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road.

SR 89A passes over some old bridges.

SR 89A Midgley Bridge
10/5/2021 - SR 89A passing over the Midgley Bridge.

In Sedona, SR 89A provides access to the unique McDonald's with teal arches. This McDonald's is unique because the city wanted the building to fit in with the natural surroundings of reddish-brown rocks. Giant yellow arches don't really fit in here, so McDonald's put up teal arches.

SR 89A McDonald's
10/5/2021 - Teal arched McDonald's in Sedona.

SR 89A travels through historic Jerome. Due to Jerome sitting on the hillside of Cleopatra Hill, SR 89A is extremely narrow with sharp curves through parts of the town, as the highway makes its way down the hill.

SR 89A North in Jerome
SR 89A South in Jerome
6/1/2023 - SR 89A in Jerome.

In Prescott, SR 89A has been upgraded to a freeway and is part of a beltway around Prescott and Prescott Valley. West of SR 89 the route becomes Pioneer Pkwy. In the east, SR 89A splits off at the intersection with Fain Rd. Fain Rd continues the beltway down to SR 69.

Related Routes

SR 89A Spur

SR 89A Spur is unsigned and is located in Prescott and it is a part of the beltway around Prescott and Prescott Valley. The spur route begins at SR 69 and runs to where SR 89A becomes a part of the beltway. The spur is known as Fain Road.

SR 89A Spur
3/9/2022 - Beginning of SR 89A Spur in Prescott Valley.


Significant Intersection/Exit List

Northbound Exits
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Southbound Exits
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Chino Valley
Larry Caldwell Dr

Chino Valley
318 Larry Caldwell Dr
319 Granite Dells Pkwy Granite Dells Pkwy
322 Glassford Hill Rd Glassford Hill Rd
323 Viewpoint Dr Viewpoint Dr
324 Fain Rd
(Unsigned SR 89A Spur)
355 EAST
Cove Parkway
Camp Verde
403 WEST
Route 66
Los Angeles

Page last updated: 6/1/2023