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US 191 Shield

US 191

In Arizona, US 191 runs from AZ 80 in Douglas to the Utah state line near Mexican Water. From there, it continues north to the Canadian border. US 191 took over the route of US 666 in Arizona when it was removed from the state highway system in 1992.

Length: 1,624 miles in total, 517 miles in Arizona
Existed since: 1926 nationally, 1981 in Arizona
Current Route in Arizona: AZ 80 in Douglas to Utah state line near Mexican Water
Current Route Nationally: Douglas, AZ to Canadian border in Morgan, MT
Major Junctions: AZ 80, AZ 181, I-10, AZ 186, AZ 266, AZ 366, US 70, AZ 75, AZ 78, US 180, AZ 260, US 60, AZ 61, I-40, AZ 264, US 160

Cool Features

US 191 is the longest numbered highway in the state.

US 191 is very narrow and winding with hundreds of tight curves between Clifton and Alpine.

The northern end of US 191 within Arizona is unique because it is maintained by the Navajo Nation and signed as IR 12 with "TO US 191 North" signs.

Indian Route 12 and US 191 signage on US 160
Indian Route 12 and US 191 signage on US 160
6/29/2022 - IR 12 and US 191 signage on US 160.
Beginning of Indian Route 12
6/29/2022 - Beginning of IR 12 and US 191, north of US 160.

Related Routes

US 191 Business

US 191 Business is located in the town of Douglas and it provides access to the Mexican border from AZ 80. Before US 666's removal, this was designated as US 666 Business. Despite being a business route of US 191, it doesn't actually intersect with it.

Beginning of US 191 Business
3/17/2023 - Beginning of US 191 Business South in Douglas.

US 191Y

US 191Y is an unsigned auxiliary route of US 191 that runs from I-10 at Exit 355 to US 191. It can be used as a shortcut to reach I-10 from US 191 and vice-versa. US 191Y used to be a part of old US 666 to avoid bridging a wash.

US 191T

US 191T is the designation for a route of US 191 through the Morenci Mine. This used to be US 666 Temp until US 191 took over. This segment of US 191 is temporary because the road is constantly being moved so that the mine can continue to expand. There seem to be some plans to eventually permanently move US 191 west of the mine so that it doesn't need to be moved all the time, but they seem to be very far off.


Page last updated: 3/17/2023