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AZ 77 Shield

AZ 77

State Route 77 is a somewhat major state highway that runs from Tucson to the border of the Navajo Nation.

Length: 254 miles
Existed since: 1930
Current Route: I-10 in Tucson to Navajo Nation border
Historical Route: Oracle Jct. to Holbrook
Major Junctions: I-10, AZ 989, AZ 79, AZ 177, US 70, US 60, AZ 73, AZ 260, AZ 277, AZ 377, US 180, I-40, BIA 6

Cool Features

SR 77 passes through a variety of terrain from desert, to forest and mountains, to high desert as it travels from Tucson to the Navajo Nation.

SR 77, along with US 60 goes through Salt River Canyon. The old bridge pictured below was replaced by the new, wider bridge in the late 90s. The old bridge is now a pedestrian bridge.

Salt River Canyon
11/26/2022 - View of the Salt River Canyon.
Old Salt River Canyon Bridge
11/26/2022 - View of the old bridge over Salt River Canyon.

SR 77 traverses the El Capitan Pass, used by Kearny's Army of the West on their march to California in 1846. At the top, there's a nice view with some roadside tables.

El Capitan Pass
El Capitan Pass
9/2/2023 - El Capitan Pass scenic view.
El Capitan Pass informational plaque
9/2/2023 - Informational plaque about El Capitan Pass.

SR 77 is called Miracle Mile for a small stretch in Tucson. The Miracle Mile name is likely derived from when a real estate developer decided to create a business center outside of Downtown Tucson, similar to the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. Check out the Wikipedia article for more info about it.


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