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I-11 Shield

Interstate 11

Interstate 11, the Hassayampa Freeway, is proposed to run from Nogales, AZ to Las Vegas, NV. The segment of I-11 in Nevada has already been completed. Currently a 280 mile area is being studied from Nogales to Wickenburg. It is likely that US 93 and I-19 will be either mostly or fully replaced with I-11.

Length: Approximately 443 miles
Proposed since: 2010
Planned construction: Unknown
Proposed Route: Mexican border in Nogales to Nevada state line at the Hoover Dam
Major Junctions: AZ 189, I-19, AZ 289, AZ 86, I-10, AZ 77, AZ 87, I-8, AZ 84, AZ 347, AZ 238, AZ 85, US 60, US 93, AZ 71, AZ 97, I-40, AZ 66, AZ 68

Page last updated: 1/23/2022