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What's New




  • Updated the MapLibre JavaScript files to fix a bug that caused East Asian areas of the map to not load properly.
  • Updated the Utah flag on the Goofs & Fails Map.


  • Updated the image gallery to display a map for every picture with geolocation data.
  • Added 4 new pictures to the Goofs & Fails Map from China, France, and Japan.


  • Added a picture of Loop 202 Spur to the Loop 202 page.
  • Added a picture of a sign from the Loop 202 Spur to the Button Copy Signs page.
  • Fixed the image gallery not displaying images. (I'm not sure how long that was broken because no one reported it and I haven't had much time to check on it recently, sorry for the inconvenience.)
  • Updated the image gallery with pictures from my recent trips to China, Japan, and France.
  • Added a 1986 Guam license plate to my License Plate Collection.


  • Updated information about the proposed SR 410 (Sonoran Corridor).
  • Moved SR 989 to the Defunct Highways section and updated the information on its page regarding its abandonment in 2019.


  • Updated my personal links.


  • Added a 2021 Arizona plate, Arizona "Pets Enrich Our Lives" plate, 1978 Ontario farm vehicle plate, and 2010 New Jersey plate to my License Plate Collection.






  • Added new pictures of US 89, US 89A, and SR 67.
  • Added pictures of the Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road and the Kaibab Plateau-North Rim National Scenic Byway to the Scenic Roads page.
  • Added new points to the Goofs & Fails Map for Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. (You may need to refresh your cache to properly see the new states' points.)
  • Added missing points entering Arizona from Mexico to the Arizona Welcome Signs map.
  • Added my own picture of the US 89A welcome sign to the map.
  • Added new pictures to the gallery of various routes in Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.
  • Updated the year SR 89L was formed, thanks to info from this Gribblenation post.



  • Added new pictures to the US 60 page of the old Superior-Miami Highway.
  • Fixed some incorrect info and broken links on the US 60 page.
  • Added pictures of SR 77 and SR 177.
  • Added pictures of the two Copper Canyon Scenic Roads to the Scenic Roads page.




  • Added new pictures of I-10, SR 90, and SR 83.
  • Added a video of the Superstition Freeway segment of US 60.
  • Added many new pictures to the Goofs & Fails Map (thanks NMDOT).
  • Added pictures of New Mexico I-10, I-25, and Las Cruces to the gallery.
  • Added a new picture to the new section for New Mexico on the Button Copy Signs page.
  • Updated the welcome sign on I-10 entering from New Mexico with my own picture.
  • Finally added pictures of the welcome sign on SR 61 and Mohave County Route 91 since Street View finally got updated for the first time since 2008 at both locations.
  • Made the text information about current welcome signs into a list for better readability.
  • Reverted the Goofs & Fails Map to its original style for easier maintenance.



  • Added new images of SR 69, SR 89, and SR 89A.
  • Added 3 new points to the Goofs & Fails Map.
  • Added new images to the Scenic Roads page for the Mingus Mountain Scenic Road and the Jerome, Clarkdale, and Cottonwood Historic Road.






  • Updated the route shields for SR 63, SR 76, SR 93, SR 279, and SR 504 to be the correct designs around the time of their removals from the state highway system.
  • Added a lot more information about SR 76 thanks to this AARoads forum post by 707.
  • Added information about a former SR 93A to the SR 93 page.
  • Added information about the intended full route of SR 288.
  • Added additional information about SR 110 and a map of the proposed highways in Tucson from 1981.
  • Added pages for the proposed, but unbuilt SR 489, SR 589, SR 810, SR 910, SR 982, and SR 983.
  • Added information about SR 117 & 417 to the Loop 101 page.
  • Added information about SR 216, 217, 218, and 220 to the Loop 202 page.
  • Added information about SR 517 to the Loop 303 page. Also updated the map and exit list to add the future intersection with MC 85, as well as updated the planned construction year from 2024 to 2025.
  • Updated mileage to be more accurate for SR 63.
  • Updated the proposal timeframe for SR 50 and added a little bit more information about it.


  • Added a page for the proposed Sonoran Corridor in Pima County.
  • Fixed the date for SR 143 from being the first-ever proposal date to when it was actually opened.
  • Updated information for SR 89L and SR 93.




  • Implemented the OpenStreetMap Americana map theme on the Goofs & Fails Map page. My main reason for implementing this is that state route shields are unique with this theme. Please, let me know whether you like this change or not, and any other thoughts or suggestions you have.



  • Removed the automatic zoom-in whenever a point is clicked on the Goofs & Fails Map. If you don't see this change, try clearing your browser cache for this website (or press Ctrl + Shift + R to easily refresh the page on PC).






  • Added collapsible sections for each year on the What's New page so the page isn't insanely long.
  • Fixed information for Exit 45 on the I-10 exit list.
  • Fixed an incorrect location for a Mesa street sign on the Arizona Traffic Signals page.
  • Fixed the link for SR 93X on the Goofs & Fails Map leading to a non-existant SR 93X page instead of the US 93 page.


  • Added some more information about the unique-ness of US 191 maintenance between US 160 and the Utah state line. Also added a little bit more info about US 191 Business & Temp.



  • Fixed broken links to I-17 on the SR 74 page.



  • Added a new page for the defunct, proposed SR 110.
  • Added missing info for the current national route of US 87.



  • Added more information regarding the history of SR 95 and SR 68.
  • Added pictures of the London Bridge on the SR 95 page, along with a picture of both the spur and truck routes.
  • Added a picture of my most recent license plate collection addition: a 1959 Colorado plate.




  • Added pictures of new license plate collection additions: 2012 California, 1982 Minnesota, 2000 Montana, 1991 Nebraska, 1984 & 2016 Nevada, 2010 North Carolina, 1991 & 2013 Ohio, 2006 South Dakota, 2007 Utah, and 1995 Washington.


  • Added a better picture of the Queen Creek Tunnel on US 60.
  • Added new pictures of US 60, US 180, US 191, SR 73, SR 77, SR 260, and SR 273.
  • Added new images for the Coronado Trail National Scenic Byway and Whiteriver Scenic Road to the scenic roads page.
  • Added new images to the Goofs & Fails Map and added a golden outline to destingush between the new images and the old ones.
  • Added an Arizona gallery page for SR 73.




  • Created a new Goofs & Fails Map to replace the old pages of lists to make it easier to browse all of the entries. Don't worry, the old format isn't gone yet, you can still access it from the legacy page while the map is being tested.
  • Added new 88x31 buttons to the home page.


  • Changed the accordion menu on the Scenic Roads page to allow multiple roads to be open at the same time.
  • Converted the Button Copy Signs page to an accordion format, organized by roads rather than by date. Hopefully this makes it easier for people to find specific signs.
  • Finally added the rest of the I-19 button copy signs for northbound.
  • Added new Taliesin West sign to the Loop 101 exit list and added new pictures to the slideshow.




  • Added a new image to goofs page 8.



  • Updated the Loop 202 exit list and map since the Lindsay Road interchange is now open.




  • Finally brought back the custom 404 page from the Neocities website, now that I can customize the 404 page again.


  • Transferred the website to a new host, and added SSL certificates! Please report any issues you encounter via the contact form or email me directly.


  • Added a new page all about Arizona's Scenic Roads.
  • Updated references to Hon Dah on the SR 73 page to Indian Pine, because I think that's what it's called now.


  • Updated the Loop 303 page with information regarding the upcoming extension from Van Buren St to Elwood St. Also updated the completion status of the Jomax Parkway interchange.
  • Improved site consistency with dropdown "jump to" menus instead of having long lists of text like on the traffic signals page.
  • Made the width of the button copy sign and Broadway Curve Project pages consistent with the rest of the website and made images and text smaller on the page. Reminder that you can still click on the images to get a bigger view.


  • Redesigned the header and navigation area. Header now changes color based on light/dark mode.
  • Updated the design of links and buttons with a yellow accent color to match branding and tweaked the home page a bit.
  • Removed the Arizona Timeline of Signs page due to it not being possible for me to obtain accurate time information.
  • Added a new website to the Other Cool Sites page.


  • Updated the highways and AZ 24 pages to reflect the full opening of the extension to Ironwood Dr. Removed a few unnecessary pictures from the slideshow and added new ones of the new segment of highway. You can still see the old pictures on the SR 24 Gallery.




  • Added a picture of what are probably the last remaining inverted Loop 303 shields in the wild.
  • Fixed a button on the Utah State Route gallery pages that took you to California instead of Utah.
  • Fixed incorrect info regarding one of my Arizona license plates.


  • Added a proper contact form! Now, for people that don't want to send an email, you can easily fill out this form. Of course, if you still want to, you're allowed to email me directly, especially useful if you want to attach a file of some sort with your message.
  • Updated info on the welcome signs page about why US 191 has no welcome sign.
  • Finally added Arizona gallery pages for AZ 264, AZ 277, AZ 377, US 64, US 160, and US 191.
  • Added Utah gallery pages for US 191, UT 162, and UT 313.
  • Added Colorado gallery pages for CO 41 and US 160.
  • Added New Mexico gallery pages for I-25, I-40, NM 333, NM 466, US 64, US 64 Business, US 160, US 491, and US 550.
  • Added random roads gallery pictures for Albuquerque, Farmington, and Santa Fe, NM.
  • Removed reference to the old signage dropdown menu in the image warning on the home page.
  • Updated text about emailing me to also include the option of filling out the new contact form on all pages.


  • Added a new page to document and show images of different types of traffic signal setups across the state of Arizona!



  • Added new images to the New Mexico section of the special goofs page.




  • Added Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey license plates to the generator.
  • Finally added a much needed button to return to the top of pages.


  • Fixed the navigation bar text appearing too bold on Firefox so that it no longer looks bad and isn't as hard to read.


  • Fixed broken slideshow and text on the AZ 77 page.


  • Fixed image for the Vatican City license plate in the generator.


  • Added gallery pages for AZ 84 and AZ 85.
  • Added the last image for goofs page 6.


  • Finally re-added the functionality of highlighting the active link on the navigation bar in relation to the current page.
  • Redesigned the Highways in Arizona page using tables instead of a ton buttons.
  • Added new pictures to I-8, AZ 84, AZ 85, and AZ 347.
  • Testing out resizing images and decreasing file sizes with slightly lowering the quality of the images on the above pages.
  • Added new pictures to goofs page 6.
  • Added new pictures of the Broadway Curve Project.
  • Fixed incorrect info for US 70, AZ 71, AZ 72, AZ 264, US 466, AZ 63, and AZ 65.
  • Fixed broken route shield for AZ 92.


  • Added the new Gilbert Riparian Preserve signs to the US 60 exit list.
  • Added new pictures of a very empty US 60 due to a water line break at McClintock Drive in Tempe that forced the freeway to close. Also, added pictures of US 60 east of Phoenix.
  • Added new info and pictures to the cool features section of US 60.
  • Added new pictures to Loop 101.
  • Added page navigators to all the goofs and fails pages.
  • Added new images to goofs page 6 and updated information for a previous image.



  • Added new background image.


  • Added an image to I-8.
  • Added images to the gallery for roads and highways in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.
  • Added a folder for Nogales in the random roads image gallery.
  • Fixed incorrect information about call boxes on I-19.
  • Replaced a Google Maps image of a button copy sign with a picture of my own.


  • Moved the signage pages into the special dropdown menu instead of being in their own menu.
  • Redid the image gallery's homepage and removed redundant pages. (Example: Button Copy Signs because it's already got its own gallery-like page that provides more detail anyways.)
  • Finished all image gallery pages. Some still don't have images yet, but they will be added as time goes on.
  • Added an image to AZ 77.


  • Added a bunch of new license plates to the license plate generator. Malaysia, Singapore, and all European countries except for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Turkey have been added.
  • Began work on an image gallery for easy access to view all the pictures on the website!


  • Added a visitor counter to the bottom of all pages.


  • Added new pictures and updated information regarding the opening of AZ 24 from Ellsworth Road to Williams Field Road today.
  • Fixed incorrect exit numbers for AZ 24.
  • Added 2 new images to goofs page 6.
  • Fixed Nagasaki & Kurume, Japan license plate generators being broken.
  • Fixed many broken links across the website.


  • Added a license plate generator to the website. Currently, you can select any state, province, or region from either Canada, China (including Hong Kong & Macau), Japan, or the United States! I intend to keep this up-to-date as best I can and to continue adding more locations and more plate designs moving forward. If you want to suggest something that I should add to the generator, send me an email at


  • Added a new image to goofs page 6.



  • Added maps for US 191's related routes. This means that all route maps are finished for all current highways in Arizona!



  • Added maps to US 89 and US 89A.
  • Modified background image styling so that the image fills the screen rather than the page.


  • Added a new site to the Cool Sites page.
  • Added maps to US 60, US 64, and US 70.
  • Fixed incorrect marking of AZ 188 as an interchange instead of an intersection on the US 60 signification exit/intersection list.
  • Removed AZ 170 from US 70's major junctions list because it's not a current state route.





  • All links to old .html pages will now redirect you to the new link instead of taking you to a 404 page.
  • Added 2 new license plates to my plate collection.









  • Added maps to AZ 95 and its related routes.
  • Removed current page highlighting on the navigation bar since it's broken.



  • Fixed maps going off screen on smaller displays.
  • Added maps to AZ 87, AZ 88, and AZ 89.
  • Fixed incorrect major junctions listed for AZ 88.



  • Began adding interactive maps on highway pages so you can visually see their routes. Currently only available for current state routes from 24 to 79.
  • Fixed incorrect information found on any pages in the range mentioned above.


  • Removed the mouse cursor glow as I decided it was a bit too distracting.
  • Added a new page to link to other cool road-related sites.
  • Reworked the homepage a bit.
  • Updated disclaimer at the bottom of all site pages.


  • Added an acrylic-like effect to the main text frames on all pages. There is also a faint glow around where you move your mouse in this area.



  • Optimized the website background images to slightly improve loading times.



  • Testing out an automatic dark mode that applies based on your system preferences.
  • Added 2 new things to goofs page 4.
  • Added a background to slideshow captions for better visibility.
  • Added a new section to the navigation bar for future special pages that I don't really know how to categorize.
  • Added a new page to document the progress of the Broadway Curve Project.


  • Removed the JavaScript to automatically update the date for when a page was last updated due to it being broken.
  • Moved the page last updated information on all pages so that it can be manually updated again.
  • Finally fixed invisible text issues on versions of Windows before Windows 10.


  • Big overhaul to the site's framework. The site now runs off the Astro static site generator. This allows me to easily update the site's navigation bar and footer as they are synced across all pages now.
  • Re-added the dropdown menu for the Goofs and Fails and removed the old page.
  • JavaScript now automatically updates the date for when pages were updated and the copyright year for the latest year in the footer.
  • Removed personal link to my main website as I don't actually update it much and isn't very useful.
  • Finally completed all defunct state highway pages and therefore fully completing the highway information pages of the website!
  • Enabled smooth scrolling.
  • Slightly improved site accessibility by adding a skip navigation button that shows when you press Tab on any page of the site.
  • Replaced links to Arizona Roads info pages to pages on this site on the older Goofs & Fails pages.
  • Broke the highlighting of current page on the navigation bar. Not sure if this will return or not.
  • This was a pretty major backend change, so if anyone finds any problems, please report them to me at



  • Created a page for AZ 50.




  • Created a page for US 91.


  • Created a page for US 87.









  • Updated email address on the homepage.


  • Added new images and info to the I-19 page.
  • Added new images to the button copy page.




  • Added images to AZ 64 and I-40 pages.
  • Added a new sign to the button copy page.
  • Added contact info to the homepage.
  • Fixed broken highway page links on this page.









  • Updated all route pages to have the year they were established.
  • Created a page for US 60.





  • Began a new page for the Highways in Arizona. This will be a documentation of most highways that are found in the state, similar to the Arizona Roads website, but more up-to-date.
  • Created a page for Interstate 8.


  • Finished site rebrand, redesign, and transfer. Welcome to the new site!


  • Began process of site rebranding and redesign. Site has begun transfer to new domain.



  • Replaced header on homepage with a new banner, now with all the modern state welcome signs included!
  • Finally began goofs page 3, with an image from San Luis!


  • Began the process of a site redesign. The new design is testable on a separate beta version of the homepage and it's available this page.
  • Added a new button copy sign.


  • Added new goof to finish off the 2nd page! Prepared website for page 3.
  • Added a new button copy sign.


  • Added a bunch of California signs to the Special goofs page.
  • Added Ehrenberg state welcome sign to home page.


  • Added 4 new goofs to the website.
  • Added city information under pictures.
  • Added button copy sign page.


  • Finally added a new goof to the website.



  • Renamed the website from ArizonaDOT Goofs & Fails to Arizonan Roadways Goofs & Fails



  • Removed the guestbook.


  • Added a new goof to page #2.
  • Fixed broken Loop 202 links to Arizona Roads.


  • Added navigation links to the bottom of the goof pages for easier navigation.
  • Created a guestbook.


  • Transferred the site from to
  • Added an Arizona welcome sign to the home page, similar to the Arizona Roads homepage.
  • Added a new goof to page #2.
  • Added a few gifs to the home page.


  • Added some separation lines to the goofs pages.
  • Added an Amaya gif due to now using W3C's Amaya editor.


  • Added computer savviness score to front page.


  • Added South Mountain Fwy. showcase video on front page.



  • Started goofs page #2 with 2 pictures


  • Made Val Vista/Main image slightly smaller and added 3 new things to page #1 and finalizing it. Page #2 will start with the next image.


  • Added 2 new things to page #1


  • Created What's New page
  • Added 3 new things to page #1


  • First publish of ADOT Goofs and Fails

Page last updated: 7/14/2024